Frequently asked questions

What is DFlex License Model?
DFlex has a dual-license model. This means that we offer both commercial and AGPL licenses.
When to use AGPL/Free Version?
If you are a solo developer, you can use the AGPL version of DFlex for free without disclose the source code you use in your own application.
What is the current subscription model?
Pay once use forever. DFlex current commercial licence for startups and enterprises is one-time payment, with no recurring subscription.
What can I do with Solo Developer Licence?
The Solo License is just for you so you can use DFlex in your projects. The license is not per project. You can use DFlex on as many projects as you like as long as you work solo.
What is the Team Licence?
DFlex Team Licence is for startups and it's per developer. You'll get support and priority for any potential bug fixes. With this licence you can asks for new features and have a look to next versions.
Do you have refund policy?
The current licencing model doesn't have a refund policy. You already know what are you buying. You see the code, you pay once.

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